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Photography on archival canvas with UV-protectant varnish


Size: 40 x 30 in.


Standing on a hill on the tropical island of Tahiti, the ribbons of the lagoon's blue waters draw you in. The small island formation in te lagoon marks the Tahiti Aquarium, a location teeming with vibrant sea life below. Further out is the island of Mo'orea with its unique profile of Mount Rotui. 


Tahitian legend of the pierced mountain of Rotui: the hole in Mt. Rotui was caused by a thief, named Hiro, the liar, who wanted to steal the beautiful mountain by using enchanted ropes and pulling it to a nearby island. A giant named Pai, standing on this lookout, threw his spear at Mo'orea. When the spear hit, it knocked a hole in Rotui, freeing Hiro's enchanted ropes and saving the mountain for Mo'orea. Everyone in Tahiti keeps in memory this heroic act, and passes it on from generation to generation. Now you too can keep this tradition going with Lookout: Tahiti.


Other sizes available: 24 x 36, to 60 x 80 (canvas). Metal up to 40 x 60.

Lookout: Tahiti

  •  No returns. All sales are final.

    •  Keep out of direct sunlight.
    • Avoid high temperatures.
    • Clean gently with a soft dry cloth, do not use water or any liquid on giclees or fine art paper. A very small amount of water is OK on canvas.
    • Aluminum prints, made for outdoors, may get wet. However, the print must stay in indirect sunlight most of the day; all-day sunlight will eventually be harmful and will cause fading.
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