Island Hoppers Art

by Dan and Tracey 


The oceans. The islands.

Tropical Beauty.


Ecosystems. Balance.

Endangered Species.


Where these elements converge is where you'll find Island Hoppers Art.


We're here to share inspiring tropical beauty while supporting the conservation of endangered species and protecting their delicate habitats.


Our art tells a story.

Stories of adventure. Stories of peace.

Stories of beauty.


Our art draws the viewer in.

Inviting to explore and stay awhile.

Breath deep. Relax.

Connect with the romance of nature.

Our limited edition art supports the limited population of the endangered sea turtle partnering with the 


Our talks shine the light on the joys of the islands including the music and the people of the islands. The real story behind the art.

To that, we share the beauty of the animal species and our social responsibility to preserve.


We're glad you have found Island Hoppers Art. We'd be very honored if you display one of our works in your home or office. Please follow us online or contact us anytime. If you like what we're about, please share us within your social circles. We look forward to working together in partnership with you in any way possible.


Blessings to you,

Dan and Tracey

Tracey Podsobinski,



Tracey reviews thousands of images and digital art from our personal portfolio, selecting only the finest for Island Hoppers Art. Tracey bases her selections on works that are only the brightest and most inspiring. Her tropical art acumen is combined with participation in design workshops led by industry icons who possess decades of island and waterfront decorating successes with celebrities and leaders throughout the United States, and the world.


Recently, one of Tracey's large groupings was selected for display in the Sea Turtle Conservancy, the world's oldest sea turtle conservation organization in the world.

Dan Podsobinski,

Photographer and Digital Artist


Described as "the Van Gogh of Beach Art", Dan's lifelong passion has developed with decades of travel, family, and action photography. These skills have been refined with education by leading National Geographic photographers and digital editing techniques by leading instructors complemented by hours of experience in the darkroom.


His inspiration originates from the rhythmic sounds of the islands and the desire to capture the story behind the beauty. And to play a role in ensuring both are preserved for future generations.


Dan's works have been selected for showings in the southeastern US, ranging from his hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee to Tampa, Florida with customers spanning Savannah, Georgia to Key West, Florida.