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Island Hoppers Talks

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Talks are group presentations where we provide interior design suggestions along with  "the rest of the story" to Island Hoppers Art

In a format designed to inform and entertain, we offer talks that are described below. All talks incorporate exclusive photography while weaving in selected art as we engage audiences on a 30-60 minute journey together. Design ideas and groupings are presented during this time to provide tropical decorating ideas.

If you have any questions or are interested in scheduling, please contact us.

#1. Islands And Conservation.  

On Bimini Island with populations of dolphins, sharks, and endless conchs in their waters, conservation is opposed by growth and energy sources to keep a small growing island economy afloat. The Florida Keys with sea turtles and other threatened and endangered species are faced with other challenges. In the West Indies, the archipelago of the Tobago Cays provides overwhelming beauty and conservation of reefs, sea turtles and iguanas supported by the government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

#2. Sea Turtle Conservation.  

Touching on all of the turtle species with specific habitat preservation efforts underway and currently needed. We discuss a number of sea turtle sanctuaries from Bequia and neighboring islands, to several partner organizations of the Sea Turtle Conservancy. The Sea Turtle Conservancy is the oldest sea turtle conservation organization in the world with a focus on research, education, training, advocacy, and habitat preservation.

#3. God's Beauty And Our Responsibility.

The basic instruction book for living everyday shares wisdom and directs us to care for the environment and everything in it. Scripture from Genesis, Numbers, 1 Chronicles and Proverbs will be shared while sharing sunrises, rain forests, and expansive beauty that was Created for mankind. 

#4. Islands For Your Bucket List.

In addition to virtually-unheard-of islands off the coast of Florida, the Yucatan Peninsula, West Indies, and the Bahamas, we'll touch on both adventuresome and easy ways to get there. After all, isn't the journey part of the destination?

#5. Photography Styles And Composition.

More of a technical discussion focusing on techniques for planning and capturing images that are composed with intention. Specific tips for adventure, wildlife, seascapes, people in their environment, and storytelling. Today's digital editing capabilities are presented through diptychs and triptychs.

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