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Make every day a party day at the tiki hut with Tiki-in'.


With layers and layers of spices and flavors for the viewer to enjoy, this island-impressionistic includes reflections on alluring blue water to a backdrop of island hoppers having a great time enjoying live music in a tropical setting. 


Looking closer, and after enjoying a few Landshark Lagers, you'll be asking " that Jimmy on stage?"


This is a recreation of a scene from Kiki's Sandbar on Little Torch Key at mile marker 28.5. Close to where Jimmy started it all in Key West, Florida. 


The inside dimension is 46 x 35 inches, outside dimensions vary by frame size. The print is on vibrant aluminum, framed and signed by the artist.  This is a Limited Edition and includes a certificate of authenticity.


A percentage of profits support the sea Turtle Conservancy, the world's oldest sea turtle research organization.


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