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Custom Wholesale Products
Museum/Resort Photogemais

Custom wholesale items are not sold directly to consumers - only thru select retail locations. All non-silk items are designed, dyed, and assembled in the USA. Minimum order quantity of 1.

Offering custom+corporate and our private collection.

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The Martha Washington Inn & Spa

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Rare Earth Gemstone Art

Designed for the collector, each piece will be one of a kind.
Travel-sized and presented in a frame behind anti-glare/UV-resistant glass will be your art piece with a touch of gemstones. Gemstones will be 
the artist's choice of red Ruby, blue Sapphire, Emerald green, Diamonds (in the rough, red, or green), or other authentic gemstones including earth tones of Jasper, copal, opal, and more.

Each piece will be printed on archival paper or canvas.

Includes a certificate of authenticity with gemstone inventory.

"Colors Of Sandestin Photogemais"


Mixed Media with touches of emerald, sapphire, green diamonds, chrome diopside, and flourite over a

digital watercolor of Sandestin with acrylic.

"Tybee Light Of The World Photogemais"



Mixed Media with peridot, emerald, sapphire, copal, siderite, chalcopyrite, and flourite over a

digital recreation of Tybee Island Lighthouse with acrylic. A yellow-gold cross is in the center of the light, with glistening light beams shining on either side.




6 sizes, silk, chiffon, poly voile, cotton


50 x 50 Wearable option with sewn opening at the neckline



Weekender 24 x 13 with fabric lining. Choice of rope or nylon (not shown) handle. Embroidery and leather handle options.

2 - large.png

Basic totes, cross-body sling totes, and woven totes. 13 x 13, 16 x 16, 18 x 18. Options with zippered pouch, adjustable handle, nylon handle, or completely woven including handle. Embroidery and leather/embroidery options.

Adjustable Tote

Adjustable cross-body sling.jpg

Cross-Body Adjustable Tote - wide adjustable strap, lined, w/zippered insert
Fabric: Spun poly. Sizes: 18 x 18, 16 x 16

Zippered Pouches


2 styles: flat and t-bottom, 4 sizes in all
Embroidery and leather options available.


Leather pull - short


Leather pull - with open loop

Jackets &
Blue Jean Shirts

Custom Fabric Panels | Embroidery
Cotton, Linen, Spun Poly, Leather, Chiffon, 
(Silk with large quantity)

Blue Jean Jackets - custom back, inside sleeve, collar. 6 pack S M M L L XL, upsize packages 2XL 3XL

long trench coat dark back.jpg
long trench coat dark.jpg
long trench coat light back.jpg

Ladies Blue Jean Trench Coat. Option: custom inside lining.  6 packs S 2M 2L XL

vest medium front.jpg
vest medium back.jpg
vest light back.jpg

Ladies vest. medium and light in distressed denim. 6 pack: S M M L L XL

shirt light back.jpg
shirt back.jpg
shirt light front.jpg

Ladies shirt. 2 pockets light and medium denim. 6 pack: S M M L L XL

mens medium washed sherpa front.jpg
mens medium washed sherpa back.jpg
mens bommer olive.jpg
mens bommer black.jpg

Warm Fleece Blue Jean Jackets - 6 pack S M M L L XL

Boomer Jackets - 6 pack S M M L L XL

Blue Jean

Patio Sun Shades 
& Tropical Tapestries


Indoor 4 sizes: 26 x 36, 51 x 60, 68 x 80, 88x104 
Fabric: Microfiber


Outdoor 3 sizes: 26 x 36, 50 x 59, 59 x 80 
Durable spun poly (water and UV protected), with or w/out grommets
Wooden pull rope kit to raise/lower (black/white/natural)



BOHO Beach Cloth 38 x 81 poly


Woven: 3 sizes: 52 x 37, 50 x 60 (shown), 60 x 80. 


Fleece: 50 x 60 (shown), 60 x 80. 
Also available: 5 additional fleece fabrics including  Sherpa and Premium.

Tea Towels &
Custom Fabric Projects


16 x 26, 20 x 40 in. Microfiber face and 100% cotton back for absorbency.  


Choose from 4 fabric options. Custom design, stitching, embroidery, and sizes ranging up to approx. 53 x 36 inches. (differs by fabric) Poly and canvas fabric options are also available.

Other Home (or Hotel/Gallery) Decor

Custom Cotton Twill or Poly Twill

Table Runners, Napkins, Table Cloths

Custom Poly Twill Shower Curtains (with or w/out deluxe liner)

Custom Runners and Area Rugs

Custom Duvets, Comforters, & Pillow Shams

Other Custom Apparel

 Stretch Yoga pants

 Hooded Fleece Sherpa


Ladies Biker Pants & Capris

Unisex Hawaiian Shirts (silk, rayon, cotton, poly)

Fleece Hoodies - zippered

Woven Cotton Poncho - large & warm!


Stylish T-shirts - full wrap, ladies cropped

Fash-sheen & brushed suede Skirts - skater, pencil 

Racer-back tank dress

Men's & Women's Pajama Pants

Other Accessories

Custom Yoga Mats

Other Wall Decor

Posters rolled in tube or flat​

Aluminum squares

Let us help with your search.

All items (with the exception of silks) are produced in the USA!

(Some materials may be sourced internationally, although everything is dyed and assembled in America)

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