At first glance, the viewer may see beautiful blue water. A little turbulent. A little calm. 


Upon closer inspection, the calmness is in the shape of a heart.


As with much of life, what calms us is what we love.


"Life" offers visual beauty and encouragement to seek peace in what is close to the heart, regardless of the turbulence.


This 40x30 vivid aluminum print is of the highest quality. This piece is signed by the artist and includes a certificate of authenticity. It is framed in our Golden Sand frame - a white/gold driftwood - creating an overall size of 45 x 35 inches.


Background: the churning blue waters are of the Caribbean Sea, as photographed from the decks of Brilliance of the Seas navigating into port. Companion print with churning water available in portrait orientation, Choppy Bue Waters II.


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Image copyright (c) 2019 Dan Podsobinski

"Life" Signed Framed Vivid Aluminum Print