Vibrant, Peaceful, and Bright.


This work mesmerizes young and old as they are drawn into the world of "Underwater Bliss". This cushion starfish is shown joyfully resting on a bed of plush green seagrass in crystal clear water. The intricate detail and depth of color is one that truly draws in the viewer and offers a calm peace.


This little guy was resting under the calm and clear waters of Chatham Bay, Union Island, West Indies and is a reminder of the importance of clean oceans throughout the world.


This 40 x 30 inch archival fine art print is signed by the artist. The paper is Hahnemühle 100% cotton rag utuillizing the highest quality lightfast pigmented inks.


 Available with additional framing options and sizes of 48x36 upon request.


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"Underwater Bliss" Signed Framed Archival Print